About Us


Our mission is to transmit to all our students our passion and experience in the Art of Floral Design which will promote the opportunity to explore and develop their own talents and creativity.


To open the window of opportunities that exists in the Art of Floral Design to all our students. We want to inspire a new generation of floral designers, to further grow this amazing industry. Allow others to express their true passion for floral designs and develop an art for craft.

Welcome to YOLA GUZ’s School of Floral Design.

The leading professional Educational source available in Miami, Florida where you can acquire Professional Instruction in the Art of Floral Design. 

Our Floral Design Courses will provide strong fundamentals with which start a successful career. For those who will prefer to participate and use it as a hobby will find everything they wished and more. Established professionals who wish to enhance their design skills also will find our courses of great benefit if their goal is to get to the next levels of design excellence. Another aspect will be to assist you in preparing yourself for taking and passing your American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Accreditation process.  Our School of Professional Floral Art is approved by AIFD as a Professional Floral Design Educator Pathway provider.

The rewards of learning floral design are immeasurable for those who have the desire to be creative or for just the sheer of self-enjoyment.  The ability to generate profit from the learned skills will be encouraged and promoted and is what will distinguish the professional from the amateur.

Our curriculum includes four (4) different levels of Floral Design Courses: 1- Beginners, 2- Intermediate, 3- Advance I and 4- Advance II.  Also, includes Graduate Advance Courses such as Marketing and Creating a new Floral Business or improving an existing one, Private Wedding Bouquet Courses and Workshops, Permanent Botanicals and Classes for Housewives. We also have an online course available as well and we are working on expanding on it.

As a student at our design school you’ll receive hands-on instruction in small class sizes where you will get individualized attention so you can develop the skills necessary to succeed as a career floral designer.

Based in Miami, Florida our floral design classes attract local students from the Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties as well as attracting nationals from other states and international attendees from the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico and other Countries around the world.

Miami School of Floral Design – on location training

We’ve been teaching professional floral design classes at our school location in Miami, Florida for 10 years now. We’ve taught hundreds of adult students the art of floral design.

We would be delighted to have you in Miami, remember that the school doors are always open and we will welcome you at any time.  You can also reach us by calling Tel. # 305-504-1061 or by email to rubenconsa@gmail.com

Learning floral design and how to become a true floral professional requires professional flower arranging instruction and training.  Whether you are considering starting a floral business, creating your own event design company, wanting to be employed in the floral industry or simply working out of your home, our courses will be of great help to you.

Our courses focus on the Principles and Elements of Floral Design, including topics like proportion, harmony, line, color, space, rhythm, etc.  The emphasis will be on these floral design rules because they are truly the backbone or the secret recipe to success in professional floral design.

We teach you how to appropriately handle and care the flowers and foliage.  You will learn how to keep your flowers fresh and last longer.  The proper handling of flowers is a must if you want to offer your clients the best of the best.

You will learn about the different styles and history of floral design and how to create these styles using creativity and innovation.  

We also help you develop sound marketing skills that will allow you to price and sell your work in a profitable manner anywhere in the world.

If the distance or your agenda does not permit the possibility of attending our on-site classes remember that we also offer online classes that you can take from the comfort of your home or studio.  It does not matter where you live or work.

Also, we can tailor personalized and private classes to individuals that prefer private tutoring and training using today’s technology such as ZOOM.   Even webinars and conferences to larger audiences can be arranged.

You will receive a professional certificate and diploma once you complete all the courses in the curriculum (four levels) and workshops (three workshops).

Meet our Instructors

Yola Guz

Yola Guz


Mrs. Yola Guz, an International Professional Floral Designer from the Dominican Republic initiated her floral career in her native country at age 19.

Her initial studies in Floral Design took place in Santo Domingo at the Learning Institute for Youth and continued in the Vocational Training School, Trinidad Sanchez in 1989. Two years later she studied at the University for Arts, Enrique Urena where she took advanced courses in Ikebana, Garden Landscaping and Event Planning. In 1992 Yolanda was awarded high honors in her Event Planning courses and won a design competition with her interpretation of a Country Wedding. Yola has further her Floral Design studies by attending Texas A&M University in March 2006. Internationally she has studied with the great master designer Gregor Lersch from Germany, Robert Koene from Greece, Hitomi Gilliam, Jim Johnson and Nancy Kitchen from the USA. 


Other honors include her 1st prize of a design competition at a prestigious Flower Fair of the Dominican Republic in 1998 with her interpretation of a Native Flower Stand. Her creativity, imagination and technical ability enable her to acquire such a distinction.

From 1996 to 1998 she was the floral speaker and commentator for the well-known TV program Interior Decorating that was aired once a week.

In 1999 Yolanda was the organizer of a major Floral Education Show that took place in Santo Domingo.

Her leadership and creativity were instrumental in the success of the event. This event was attended by more than 400 local floral professionals.

Yola has been the owner of retail flower shops, educator, commentator, promoter of floral products and the event planner for three of the major hotels in her country. 

In 2002, Yola immigrated to the USA looking for bigger opportunities and new professional challenges.

In December 2005 Yolanda was part of the floral creative team that created 12 floral floats at the prestigious Rose Parade of Pasadena California. Of the 12 floral floats decorated 9 won distinguished awards.

On July 2010 Yola Guz was inducted to active membership of the prestigious American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD).


In 2010 the Yola Guz School of Floral of Floral Design was initiated in Miami.  The School has become an institution in the South Florida area and the track record speaks for itself.  The School provides their students with strong fundamentals both technically, in creative expression and innovation.   It is a unique and professional learning experience for everyone that attends.  They receive local students from the Miami area, out of state and international students as well.

In July 2012 she was a presenter at the AIFD National Symposium where together with her husband Ruben Consa AIFD they created “Art Deco – Miami the American Riviera”.

During the last several years Yola has been involved in presenting International Floral Shows demonstrations and design workshops all over Latin America, the US continent and recently in June 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

Yola Guz’s trade mark is her exquisite Wedding Flowers.  In September 2014 she became the Floral Expert Commentator for Telemundo “Un Nuevo Dia” Morning Show and Despierta America in Univision where she presents interesting Floral segments about how to create your own floral designs at home.

Yola’s creative genius have been demonstrated over and over again including her involvement with her husband, organizing the Doral Art and Flowers Festival now going into its fourth year.

Ruben Consa

Ruben Consa


Mr. Ruben Consa is an international floral designer who has been involved in the floral industry for over 35 years as a designer, an artist, flower shop owner, educator, commentator, consultant and promoter of floral products.

Until 1998 he was the owner of two of the most respected flower shops in Manhattan, New York, Environmental Designs.

Currently he serves as Administrator and Director of the School of Floral Design Yola Guz in Miami, Florida.  Also he is involved in many consulting and special design projects within the Floral Industry.
Mr. Ruben Consa’s floral education began in New York City and was supplemented by other studies in the Netherlands, Italy and England.  Also he carries a degree in Fine Arts from the University of PR.

Ruben’s professional floral career began in New York City. There his clients included actors from Broadway and Hollywood stars, professional athletes and major Italian fashion houses. Ruben is a spontaneous and energetic designer who incorporates his own metal and wood sculptures in his floral designs. He has made special events at the Museum of Modern Art, the American Craft Museum, the Brooklyn Museum and the Gracie Mansion New York City.  Most recently in Florida at the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA), different art galleries in Coral Gables and events in places like the Biltmore Hotel and the Vizcaya.  Including his participation at Art Basel Miami as an exhibiting artist and most recently the organizer of the Doral Art and Flowers Festival.

Mr. Consa has hosted Flower Shows and Design Conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

In 1972, Ruben received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Puerto Rico including credits in Business Administration and Marketing.
Since 1989, Ruben has been an active member of the American Institute of Designers of Flowers (AIFD), an organization of about 2,000 members worldwide dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism through education of floral design.
Membership is selective and is offered only to those floral designers who have shown great technical skills, artistic ability and excellence and professionalism in floral design.

In July 1998, Ruben presented “Cultura Latina” at the National Symposium AIFD in front of 1,500 members in Boston, Massachusetts.  Presenting again in 2012 at the National Symposium “Art Deco – Miami the American Riviera” together with his wife Yola Guz AIFD.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Consa has participated as a representative of manufacturers and distributors of floral products and flowers in the Latin American territory. With his efforts he has become an expert and have been instrumental in the marketing of many floral products in the region.

Another of his professional attributes is his continuing educational efforts of floral design throughout Latin America and the USA, using the latest technology with Online Classes and Webinars.  In addition, his involvement in creating prestigious Wedding decorations and international events continues to be strong.

In 2017 Ruben Consa saw a lack of platforms to promote Floral Art and as a visionary he created the Doral Art and Flowers Festival. “It does not matter what medium is used, whether is a canvas and oil paint, clay and a wheel, the moving feet and body of a dancer or flowers and foliage, all these need to be considered art.”

Realizing this void brought him to believe that the creation of an art festival with flowers was necessary to create the awareness of flowers as not just bouquets or arrangements, but as a true form of art.  At the same time, he wanted to promote new talent, especially young artists and newcomers to the field giving them the opportunity to grow as genuine professional floral artists.  See www.doralartandflowers.com

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