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Yola Guz Florist Sample Class

This sample class is presented to you by Yola & Ruben to demonstrate the quality and excellence level of instruction that you will be receiving with their online courses.   It is an 18 minute sample class for you to watch.  You will find that the sample class is much shorter than the regular Courses Videos which run and average of 120 minutes each.

Ruben and Yola are bi-lingual (Spanish and English.) The videos were filmed in their original language of Spanish and were dubbed in English so English speakers could benefit from these online classes.

The depth of Floral Design knowledge acquired will provide you with strong fundamentals with which start a successful career.  For those who will prefer to take the courses and use the knowledge as a hobby will get everything they wished and more.  Established professionals who wish to enhance their skills with the latest trends in floral design, such as structural designs, organic modern and industrial organic styles will find our online courses of great benefit helping them get to higher levels of design excellence.

With our Online Classes you will be Certified as a Professional Floral Designer and it will be your path to Accreditation with AIFD, the American Institute of Floral Designers.

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Enjoy our free class for 10 days and then purchase our complete membership with all our lessons from Basic Course 1.


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