Ikebana means “arranging flowers” or “making flowers alive.” It is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as Kado – “way of flowers.” With a history of more than 500 years, Ikebana has become more than a household decoration to be a state of mind where people find the meaning of life and serenity. The purpose of making ikebana floral arrangements is not to create decorations. Rather, the purpose is to learn to appreciate certain things that people normally ignore. These ‘things’ tend to be associated with nature and the beauty of the shapes of the flowers.  It It is very important to note that this type of floral design style originally emerged as a religious tribute to the Buddhism tradition.

To do Japanese floral art you need cut flowers, branches, leaves, seeds, or fruits with the appropriate container. With your selected products in hand, you will create a Tai-Yo-Fuki triangle, which corresponds to the terms ‘sky,’ ‘earth,’ and ‘mankind.’

When making ikebana creations it’s fundamental that you maintain asymmetry with the purpose of achieving harmony. This is done by attaching the products to a ‘kenzan’ which is supported on a recipient known as a ‘kaki.’

Contemplation is the final step of the process of doing this type of floral art. Once the creation has been finished, you should dedicate a (brief) period of time to contemplating what you’ve done and to reflect on the process of creation; as is the case with nearly all Zen art forms, the important thing is not the final action but rather the path that led to that action.

Ikebana and Modern  Minimalism

Japanese floral art is very closely linked to the minimalist style of décor that we use today.  It is the foundation or the roots to Modern Floral Art. A floral arrangement can be composed of just a few elements, and its structure is usually very simple. Practitioners almost always create scalene triangles that are perfectly defined by three points, thus forming very simple, elegant, minimalist compositions that are based on the famous “less is more” mantra.

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