Doral, Florida

After an arduous search on the internet, I found the School of Yola Guz endorsed by the American Institute of Floral Design.  I immediately joined the School understanding that I was in the perfect place where I could gain the knowledge that I needed to be a professional.  The process was very rewarding.  Today I am convinced that it was the best decision that I could have taken, since without Ruben Consa and without Yola Guz I could not have reached the pinnacle where I am today.

After a year of study and preparation I have been taken by the hand to certification walking a path that I never imagined it was possible. Today I can say that I have much more knowledge than I had when I arrived to The School and today I can say that I am certified as a professional floral designer by the most prestigious Institute of the Floral Industry, AIFD.  Ruben Consa and Yola Guz have given me the perfect guidance, they provided all their knowledge and experience to help me grow and succeed.



Miami, Florida.

Yola Guz School thank you so much for all the education you have provided me with.  My career started with you from the bacic level and you took by the hand till I became and AIFD designer in just one year.  This is amazing and I am so happy for all my accomplishments that took a lot effort and commitment from my part and you as educators.  Yola and Ruben became my mentors and are my second family.  Thank you for everything, your dedication and your wisdom.



Miami Beach, Florida.

“My experience at the Yola Guz School of Floral Design is one that I will never forget and one of the best decision I made with regards to my new floral career.  Today thanks to them I have my own floral business in Miami, French Floral Design.

I came from France 3 years ago with no knowledge about the floral business and today I am a fully trained AIFD floral designer thanks to the education I received at Yola Guz School of Floral Design.

Yola Guz AIFD and her husband Ruben Consa AIFD have been a constant source of inspiration.  I am very grateful for their support in helping me attaining my goals.  Thank you!!“



Trinidad and Tobago

One of my goals as a floral designer, was to become an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). Attending the Yola Guz School of Floral Design in Miami – the only AIFD Approved Educational Institution in South Florida, enabled me to achieve this objective, as I will be inducted into the AIFD in 2018.

The school’s principals Yola Guz AIFD, CFD and Ruben Consa AIFD, PFCI possess a love, passion and knowledge of floral design, which they willingly and selflessly impart to all of their students.

Coming from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, I was able to benefit not only from the private classes offered by the school, but to also participate in the regular full class sessions and attain my Certified Floral Designer Accreditation (CFD), before going on to complete the AIFD level at Symposium 2017 in Seattle. This flexibility in class and teaching structure, made my learning experience all the more rewarding.

Muchas gracias Yola y Ruben…. y Dios los bendiga

Gillian C. Caesar CFD

Trinidad and Tobago