Wedding season generally falls between spring and late fall, with June and September as the most popular months for couples to tie the knot, according to YOLA GUZ an expert in fashion wedding bouquets. That doesn’t mean the colder months are off limits, however. Winter weddings can be gorgeous and romantic in themselves, with glittering snow, cozy fireplace settings and seasonal gowns to match.

Winter wedding flower arrangements are also to die for. Whether you’re getting married in the wintertime or you know a couple doing so, by studying in the Yola Guz School of Floral Design you can become a winter wedding flowers expert as well. Weddings in general is one of the biggest segments of the Floral Industry. There are Weddings all year round.

Whether you’re looking for a classy bouquet for your winter formal wedding or you’re in search of an arrangement that’s more serene and laid-back, YOLA GUZ has you covered. You will learn a wide variety of floral arrangements for every season, we can teach you find the perfect flowers for an upcoming winter, spring summer or fall wedding.

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